Get Killer Curves with These 10 Glute Band Exercises

If mini resistance band exercises (20lb – 40lb resistance) have become a piece of cake, you should upgrade to booty band, or glute resistance band, (up to 150lb resistance) to intensely target your bum, hip, and thigh muscles.

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7 Mistakes That Stop You From Having a Big Bum

Having you been doing squats for too long but still haven’t seen much of a change? Or have you started to lose trust in your gym’s ads promising you the pert, round bum of your dreams? Chances are, you’ve made at least one of the 7 mistakes below! 

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Build a Bigger Butt with These 14 Workouts!

Have you ever wondered why you’ve followed most of the bum workout routines but still cannot see any big difference yet? It is obviously time to learn from the best! This blog will introduce to you the glute exercises that really work, from the experience of Third Space PT and expert in building lean muscle Lucie Cowan. Stick with these best bum exercises and you’re on the way to a banging butt!

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