7 Mistakes That Stop You From Having a Big Bum

Having you been doing squats for too long but still haven’t seen much of a change? Or have you started to lose trust in your gym’s ads promising you the pert, round bum of your dreams? Chances are, you’ve made at least one of the 7 mistakes below! 

You are not alone, lots of women out there are frustrated with all the efforts, time and money they have spent for no change in their butt size. Be one of the very firsts to learn about your mistakes, correct them and continue your journey to gain your dream butt! 

1.You don’t pay attention to form

Don’t just assume that you’re doing the right technique. Squat looks quite easy and everyone thinks they can do it. But only some can get a perfect one. One of the main reasons you can not reach your body goals is that you fail to focus on your form. Take form seriously if you want to train your glutes or build a bigger bum. 

You do squats properly when your glutes are engaged and each move is performed properly. Squats are a must for anyone who wants a bigger bum. But before you can perform a perfect one, don’t think of how deep you can go, how low you can get just yet. And to get a perfect one, your feet should be shoulders width apart, your shoulders back and your head needs to face forward while being properly aligned with your body. Once these basics are nailed, you will realize that it is in fact really easy to effectively train these muscles.

2. You’re only working on a few exercises

Most of people go for squats, lunges and deadlifts when they want their butt to get bigger. But if those are the only work outs they do, they cannot work on a larger part of the glute area. Hence, their dream butt is nowhere near happening. Sure that squats are crucial, but you need to build more muscle with some variations to normal squats and lunges. By doing so, you can target the full muscle group, such as lateral squats, side lunges and hip thrusts.

Also, if you are only doing squats and lunges, you might soon get bored. It’s important to make your work out fun and exciting so it doesn’t seem like a torture. Add new moves, surprise your body to accelerate results.

3. You’re not doing enough resistance training

As the old saying goes, no pain, no gain. If it feels easy, you likely don’t put in the work you need. As a big muscle group, the glutes require lots of work, likely more than you think you can handle. To build this area, one thing you need to do is push yourself out of your comfort zone and use heavy resistance. Add the weights to get significant changes! Also, keep it in mind that what matters is the resistance that you use, not the number of reps you can complete. 

4. You are eating a wrong diet

Have you ever heard of the saying “abs are built in the kitchen”? So is your butt! 

If you think you deserve to eat whatever you want after your hard training, you’ve made a big mistake. A bad diet can make all your efforts at the gym go to waste. Your diet plays a crucial role even if you are trying to gain size. Before building your muscle and burning fat, you need to build your healthy diet first. The best diet to stick with is comprised of vegetables and good fats. One more crucial thing you need to provide your body with is lean protein. It helps repair and build bigger, stronger muscles fibres that get torn during training. 

5. You don’t set a realistic goal

Too much of anything is bad. Don’t go too hard too quickly, sometimes, slowing down a little works wonders. 

Everyday, we see models with perfect body everywhere, on TV, on magazines, on billboards, etc. But don’t set them as your body goals and ideals as they might be simply not achievable. We are basically given different body types by mother nature. If your goal is unrealistic, you will never get there no matter how hard you try. But you can still add some size and definition to that area with consistent and varied training. However, no matter how hard you train, it can only be in proportion to your body as a whole. 

6. You’re overdoing cardio

If you don’t add strength training into your workout routine, you won’t be able to build muscle tone. Together with resistance training, cardio should be included to ensure a full body training regime. However, too much cardio actually holds you back from gaining size. To maximise benefit, you should not do cardio and strength training on the same days. If you prefer combining them, start with strength training first. 

You might not need a PT if you install some good fitness apps such as Freeletics. The app provides you with custom training journeys specially tailored towards your own goals. 

7. You’re not having rest days

No matter how motivated you are, how much you want to see the changes, you should never go too hard. You might think a rest day might make you lose momentum but your body needs time to repair before it can build and grow. In additions, rest days prevent injuries which can set you back weeks or even months. 2 rest days per week is crucial for your body to recover after hours of intense training.