Build a Bigger Butt with These 14 Workouts!

Have you ever wondered why you’ve followed most of the bum workout routines but still cannot see any big difference yet? It is obviously time to learn from the best! This blog will introduce to you the glute exercises that really work, from the experience of Third Space PT and expert in building lean muscle Lucie Cowan. Stick with these best bum exercises and you’re on the way to a banging butt!


Start every session with these three staples: deadbug, hip raises, and kettlebell swings.


Start with a tabletop position by raising your arms straight above your head. Keep your hips and low back still while pulling your ribs down, tensing your core. Then lower the left arm and extend the right leg and stop them before touching the ground. Back to the starting position and aim for 10-15 reps per side.


Start with a tabletop position, lower your legs down. Then draw one knee towards your chest and thrust up with the other leg with the pressure put in the ball of your foot instead of the heel and tensing your glute on that leg as hard as possible at the top. Do 10 reps on each side to warm your body up.


Stand straight on your two feet at a little wider than hip-width distance. Lift up the kettlebell with your rips down, tensing your score, your chest facing the mirror, and make sure your chin is down too. Bending slightly at the knees, when the kettlebell starts to drop between your legs, tense your glutes as hard as possible and thrust forwards, using the momentum to send the kettlebell up to shoulder height. Repeat it but try to hinge from your hip instead of bending your knees and make notes that what creates the momentum to push the kettlebell forward is the big glute tense.



Position your two feet a little wider than your shoulders and form a squat. Your shins should be kept vertical as much as possible. Bend from your knees and lower your butt as low as you can. Then stand up straight through your heels and make sure your knees don’t slope inwards. Hold a kettlebell or a dumbbell in your hand with elbows up while doing all this. Aim for 4 sets, 6 reps each set.


Prepare a resistance band. Start with your both feet on the band, 1ft apart. Pull the band as tight as possible so your feet cannot move in either direction. Twist the band so your right hand holds the end part of the band that’s under your left foot and vice versa. Move sidewalks like a crab while still in a squat position by using your knees to lead, Make sure that you keep your core tensed, back straight, shoulder up/back/down and butt down. Do it 10 steps each direction and back 10 steps the other, complete 3 sets.


This is a combination of a squat and a lunge. Put your feet on a bench/box and form a squat position with another leg. Try to complete 3 sets, 15 reps each set.


Lie on an exercise mat, put your feet up on a Swiss ball. Then form a straight plank position by bringing your bum up. Now, use your feet and the power of your hamstrings to roll the swiss ball towards your butt. Roll it back out to complete one set. Aim for 15 reps, and 20 when you get used to it.


Lie flat on an exercise mat, scoot heels as close to butt as possible then let your knees fall outwards. Make sure that your feet soles touch and your knees drop as low as possible. Now, use your glutes to thrust up, bringing your bum up and back down. You can speed it up in quick succession – repeat for 20 per set, 3 sets.



You need a bench, or a box, for this workout. This workout is really similar to the move Hip Raises listed above. However, it’s more challenging as you need to elevate your back. With your legs at right angles, lean your back against the bench/box and pull one knee towards your chest, lifting your bum up with the weight in the ball of your grounded foot before returning to the starting position. To make it an easy start, aim for three sets of 8.



If you don’t often work out, this is obviously the most challenging in the list. But your efforts will pay off as this move is great for your whole body, especially the glutes! However, you should definitely learn this with a physical therapist or a trainor, even though you might have done a barbell deadlift before.

Standing with your mid-foot under the barbell, bend over and get a good grip on each handle. With your feet at hip-width apart, squat down so your bum is as low as possible and your shins touch the bar. Focus all your weight on your heels and your toes should be almost lifting off the ground. Pick the bar up until the point where it feels like it’s about to leave the ground (it helps activate your shoulder and back muscles as well as stop you from snatching it up too quickly), then take a big breath, hold it,
and lift it off the ground. Feel the big glute tense at the top, then return the bar to the starting position in a controlled manner.

Take a close look at the gif above, straight lines should be maintained everywhere. Your arms, your shins, and armpits should be all in line with each other. Your back should also be straight and in a straight line with your head down. Keep your chest proud.


Working on your arms is important after all those glute-building lifts. Lie with your back on the floor with a dumbbell in each hand. Start with the dumbbells together in the air above your chest, keeping your arms straight at the top. Then, slowly lower them down until both elbows touch the floor then press both dumbbells back to the starting position. Try to complete three sets of 6.


Just like how the name sounds, in this move, you will start by holding a dumbbell in each hand, then hinge at the hip and count to 3 before bringing them down towards your standing foot. Then, with the power of a glute-clench, quickly back to standing. Try to complete three sets with 10 reps each set.


Cable pull through is pretty much similar to No.3 Kettle swings but it requires a cable machine. To start, set the cable on the machine so it’s just above knee height. Then walk it out between your legs and your feet just further than hip width apart. Then, just like how you do in Kettle swings, bend at the waist, push your hips back towards the machine then pull the cable between your legs.

You will feel like you are about to lose your balance or be pulled back if you don’t concentrate with the right weight. But if you are constantly stumbling, the weight might be too heavy for you. Try to complete three sets, 15 reps each set, building up to 20.


Start with dumbbells in your hands, standing upright while keeping your core tensed and your shoulders up back and down. Take a giant step backward, lowering your knee to the ground. Push back up to complete a rep. If you have never done lunges before, start with bodyweight only and gradually work up to 12kgs or 14kgs.


It is quite impossible to finish the last 1-2 reps of every exercise. If not, up your weights. Don’t worry if you can’t achieve the aim, you can always gradually work on upping your game. Also, for better and faster results, you should combine these workouts with EnvyCurve Butt Enhancement Cream. This clinically proven cream not only increases your butt size naturally without the use of any harmful chemicals but also makes the skin super smooth and young-looking.