Must-Know Secrets for a Banging Body!

1. Avoid Eating the Crap – No matter how hard you work at the gym, if you are still eating the crap, a banging body will always be just a dream. Start to cut off sugar, fatty foods, processed packaged foods, you can definitely live without them! Trust us, before long you will feel much happier.

2. Become a Vegetables Lover – You won’t be able to break up with the crap if you don’t start dating vegetables. Basically the nutrients you get from vegetables will help you fill up on, hence no craving for junk food. If your mouth waters because of sugar and fast foods, it’s your body’s S.O.S signal that it is in need of nutrients. Try to maximize the intake of vegetables in all your meals as this is the only food you can gorge on. Try to fill 3/4 your plate with vegetables.

3. Eat! – It might not be what you’ve always been believing but starving yourself won’t get you a banging body. Quite the opposite, you need to eat consistently to get enough energies for a toned body training. Add more lean protein in your meals, eat carbs until the afternoon and have a varied clean diet which includes lots of vegetables, whole grains, fruit, fibre and good fats.

4. Train Like a Beast to Be a Beauty – However, you don’t need to kill yourself at gym for hours every day. Just work out properly and consistently whenever you have time for it.

5. No More Excuses – When there’s a will there’s a way. If you really want a banging body, you will make time for it. So stop complaining that you don’t have enough time to keep fit but spending hours on the internet or watching TV? You don’t need to sacrifice your resting time for a sexier body, all you need is just 15 mins a day, but make it count!

6. Change Your Routine – One of the biggest challenge is a familiar routine we are stuck with. If you can afford a private trainer, go for it, they will be able to help you mix it up and motivate you. If not, you can still search for advice on Youtube or from plenty of home fitness products like P90X or Insanity that will inspire you with different workouts. Don’t just stick with the same workout routine, confuse and challenge your muscles with a variety of moves.

7. Educate Yourself – The more you know how your body works, the better you can take care of it. So you should start learning about nutrition, the food industry, exercise and your body to motivate yourself to eat well and work out. There are lots of books about nutrition you can check out. Also, hang out with those who are further along on the journey. You can also search for tons of related documentaries and blogs on the Internet.

8. Love and Respect Yourself – The first thing you need to learn is to love your own body. If you don’t know how to love it, no matter how much you transform, you won’t find it enough. Love your body, regardless of its shape!

9. Train Your Thoughts – For a real transform, you must first train your thoughts. You won’t be able to stick with the plan if you don’t even believe your goal will be achieved. To gain the best results, you must replace your negative thinking with positive thoughts. It is obviously not easy, but once you can do it, your whole life will be changing, not just your body shape. Of course there are still bad days, but it’s important to look for a brighter tomorrow instead of focusing on your sorrow.

10. Know What to Flaunt – You know your body best! You know what you’re most proud of. If you have great legs, surely put on some skirts. If you guns are amazing, get them out! If you are not so confident about your body, then maybe you want attentions on your hair instead. You definitely have something to flaunt, focus on it to feel more confident as well as distract yourself (and other people’s eyes) from the areas that you may still need to work on!