Yoga Poses You Must Check Out for a Firmer, Stronger, Bigger Butt

Taking good care of the gluteus muscle does not only make your bum look great but also helps with back pain relief and overall better health.

Three main muscles considered to form the butt are gluteus maximus (also the largest muscle in the body), gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. If genetics aren’t helping you so much with your butt size and shape, these 8 yoga poses will come to your rescue. They will help you achieve your healthy, firm, strong, and sexy dream butt.

1. High Lunge Pose with Back Leg Bent

By adding a small bend to the back leg, this pose lengthens your hip flexors and stabilizes and strengthens your gluteals. Working with the Mula Bandha by lifting the pelvic floor, the pubic bone, and the sternum brings the pelvis more towards a neutral alignment with the butt underneath the shoulders.

Follow this active Mula Bandha with the hips squaring and squeezing the inner thigh energy for ultimate booty results.

2. Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose

Extended Hand to Big Toe pose (a.k.a Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana) requires the glutes to keep the body engaged, lifted, and balanced.

The glutes partner with the core for stabilization and are essential in helping keep the hips level while you lift your leg. You can also increase the intensity of the pose by activating the Mula Bandha for a strong and sexy bum.

3. Side Plank Pose

As an amazing all-over-body workout, Side Plank Pose (a.k.a Vasisthasana) can strengthen and maintain a firm butt. A typical misalignment that puts additional weight on the wrists is the drooping of hips and butt. If the gluteus muscles are no longer engaged, the side body listlessly sinks to the ground and may shift backwards out of alignment.

On the other hand, lifting the hips too high is great for the core but negates the ability for the glutes to completely activate and work for the body. Last but not least, lifting the leg in alignment with the body adds more of a challenge to this Side plank pose.

4. Warrior III

All the variations of Warrior (a.k.a Virabhadrasana) are great for butt, however, Warrior 3 requires the most booty work to maintain proper form.

As the gluteus maximus is a powerful hip extensor and external rotator, the medial hamstring and adductor magnus help balance the gluteus maximus. In particular, in Warrior 3, the gluteus maximus helps maintain the leg at a level parallel to the ground and the pinkie toe works its way towards the floor.

5. Chair Pose Variation

This is one of the most popular butt workouts. However, scooting your butt as far back as possible while maintaining proper alignment is definitely not easy. The result is even better if you do the variation by lifting your feet an inch or two off the mat and keeping your shoulders aligned with the hips.

Lower your butt to the ankles, then engaging the inner thighs, lift the hips and butt just slightly higher than the knees. Complete micro/small lifts and hold for 5 breaths every lift up.

6. Malasana or Yogic Squat Lifts

Malasana (a.k.a yoga squats) will help fire up the glutes when combined with a butt lift. Starting with a squat position, slowly lift the hips until the thighs are parallel to the ground and the chest is aligned with the thighs.

You can spread your arms wide when lifting and keep your palms at heart center when lowering to a yoga squat. Complete 2 – 3 rounds of 10x slowly lift, 10x fast lift, and 10 seconds hold in lifted position.

7. Fire Hydrant Lifts

Starting with a tabletop position, use the glutes to lift the leg at a 90-degree angle away from the body. Slowing down the movement, and keeping the rest of the body steady and still, isolates the movement to the primary working muscles in the core, back, and booty. On each side, lift the leg 10-20 times, trying to lift the thigh higher than parallel intensifies the work.

8. Locust Pose

As said above in Warrior 3, the gluteus maximus wants to take all the credit as a hip extensor and external rotator. The medial hamstring and adductor magnus are vital to keep up extension and lift without over rotation. Activation and engagement of the glutes is essential to lifting the thighs off the ground and discovering power in Locust Pose.

Add these 8 amazing workouts to your next asana practice and keep us updated with the improvement!