Wishing for a Banging Butt? Here are 7 Fashion Tips to Apply!

You might have wowed at some girls’ butts you saw on the street. But are they that lucky or do they just have some good fashion tips to accent their butts?

1. Accenting your booty by highlighting your waist.
If you want your butt look bigger, say NO to shift dresses and low-rise bottoms. These two understate the difference between the size of your waist, and the size of your bum and hips. Instead, mix pants, skirts, or dresses that fit snugly at your natural waist with cropped or tucked-in tops and cropped jackets. The smaller your waist looks, the rounder and more bodacious your booty seems by comparison.

2. Trumpet skirts further accent your bum by adding another flare just below it. 
Just imagine stacking two hourglass shapes on top of each other, it will draw the eye down from the waist to the buttocks, making you look curvier overall. It also helps balance the look of a larger chest with narrower hips and a small butt.

3. Always go for stretch.
Because it is your booty’s best friend! Stretch fabrics, along with proper tailoring, will help lift up your bum instead of squashing it down. The most ideal pair of jeans for a more figure-flattering shape is a curvy skinny jean. Time to say goodbye to a traditional skinny if you want your butt look bigger.

4. No flimsy fabrics!
Everything has its price. You cannot expect much from cheap, drapey fabrics as they will sort of hang off your butt and make it look sad. Instead, choose something skintight that accents your curves, or an A-line silhouette made of a sturdy fabric to maintain a clean, continuous line from your waist out to the hem without just going limp.

5. Structured pleats help add serious volume.
The fabric must be sturdy enough to support the added bulk and whatever you do. Hence, say no to tulip and bubble skirts! Those two will make your butt look bigger, sure. But that is the same way a diaper makes a baby’s butt look bigger, and obviously almost no adult finds it sexy.  

6. Less is more, length wise.
The more revealed your leg is, the more attentions your butt will grab as the eye is going to be drawn up there.

7. Say No to vertical colorblocking as it de-emphasizes your hips and booty by drawing the eye in and makes you look less curvaceous.
Meanwhile, horizontal colorblocking helps accent your curves, especially if the line where the two colors meet is right below your bum. The visual effect equals to wearing a miniskirt (No. 6), without revealing so much, or a trumpet skirt (No. 2), without all the poufiness.