Are Butt Enhancement Creams Effective?

Not everyone is a fan of big breasts. Actually, breasts versus buns has been one of the most hotly debated topics. Pornhub Insights analysed their data and the results is not a shock to many: in America, butts came out the winner. Several women start to care more about their buttock measurement and how to increase it. Apart from exercises, many are considering creams that claim to enhance the bum size. But do they really work?

As a sign of fertility as well as attractiveness, a big butt will help women boost their self-confidence levels. And a flat one might cause lots of insecurities and even depression. Therefore, there is no wonder many women are looking to inflate their bum.

Just a quick search on Google might show you numerous ways to make your butt bigger, from diet to exercises to even plastic surgery. Butt enhancement cream is currently trendy so it might even pop up on the very first search page. These creams promise to help you gain your booty goals by simply rubbing the cream around the buttocks region. But does it sound a little bit too easy for such a fantastic result? You might wonder.

We have done some studies to show you how these creams work to help you get the dream butt size.

The creams are known to work by facilitating the deposit of fats, hence increase the size of our bum. They promise to target exactly the area where the cream is rubbed; therefore, users are advised to apply it around the buttocks. Advertisements also say that the active ingredients in the creams will be absorbed into the body and directly target the bum. These ingredients are usually herbal-based or chemically-processed.

The claim might not be true. When you rub an ointment on an area, its circulation will happen throughout the body. Topical creams can not just target on a certain part. If the constituents are absorbed, they will travel to the liver and end up entering the blood streams. Therefore, most of butt enhancement creams can not be subjected to a particular area of the body only.

Another research also shows that the creams are too thick for the body to absorb it. In addition, they can stay on the skin’s surface without being able to penetrate the externals layers of the skin. It is now understandable that people start to have more and more doubts.

Some brands claim that their herbal ingredients can be easily absorbed into the body. Therefore, applying it on the skin is as effective as consuming supplements. However, creams do not work that well. Some other brands also mention that thanks to their active ingredients, the cream can easily be absorbed and circulated.

EnvyCurve Butt Enhancement Cream seems to stand out from the crowd as they promise to increase your bum naturally without the use of any harmful chemicals. It contains Voluplus, Macelignan and Macadamia Oil to help you achieve a bigger butt in a safe and natural way. With these three ingredients, your bum will be not only be sexier but also young, good and smooth looking. Not to mention, volupus in EnvyCurve

Through all those details listed above, we have seen that we should not only rely on butt enhancement creams for massive booty gains. A daily exercise routin will be another option to combine if you want to achieve favorable results. But if you are not into sweating in the gym, super foods can also do the job. In addition, taking supplements is also recommended.