How Does Estrogen Affect Your Buttocks

Estrogen is one of the things that makes a woman more feminine and enhances her curves. It’s the one that turns you from a child to a woman once puberty hits. So you might wonder, does estrogen affect your buttocks as well?

What is Estrogen

To simply put it, estrogen is the one that is responsible for everything that has to do with a woman’s femininity. It’s one of the 2 sex hormones (the other one is progesterone) made by the body that are vital for the growth, development and maintenance of the reproductive system as well as the secondary sexual characteristics of a woman. The biggest estrogen producer in the body are the ovaries, which starts working during puberty and ends its work during menopause.




What estrogen does is that it regulates the menstrual cycle, helps with the bone formation, maintains the strength and health of the vaginal wall, increases lubrication, libido and even affects the health of your skin, hair and mucous membrane.

Estrogen is also the one that enhances the curves on a woman and makes her more feminine. It’s the one that signals how big your breasts get during puberty, increases the size of the butt and increases the metabolism for a smaller waist line.




How does estrogen effect the buttocks

Estrogen is mainly the one that helps women get their curves during puberty. It’s the one that’s responsible for the development and maintenance of the secondary sexual characteristics which includes the increase in breast size, increase in the size of the buttocks and gives women that beautiful healthy skin and feminine glow.




It affects your breasts and buttocks in a simple enough  way: estrogen triggers the body to store more fats on the breasts and butt. When someone says “fats” it might sound horrible and bad, but in this instance, fat cells are the ones the fills out your curves and makes the breasts, butt and hips bigger.




Natural ways to enhance your  buttocks

Since estrogen is the one that is responsible for your curves, the best natural way to enhance your curves will also be by taking estrogen. Phytoestrogen, or the estrogen from plants are the safest form of estrogen that you can take. It’s all natural, unaltered and completely safe to take.




Phytoestrogen replenishes the estrogen that the body needs in order to enhance and emphasize your curves. By taking oral phytoestrogen supplements which you can get from, it will signal your body to produce more fats ONLY on your buttocks and breasts. The good thing about it is that it does not make you gain weight, so you can put your mind at ease.


Another way that you can do to enhance your buttocks is by applying creams that are high in phytoestrogen such as the cream from




EnvyCurve stimulates the production of adipose cells or fat cells ONLY to the part of your body where you applied the cream, in this case, the buttocks. It does not cause you to get fat on the other parts of the body.


macelignan and macadamia oil


It contains macelignan, which is a natural product from nutmeg. Macelignan contains high amounts of phytoestrogen that makes the body produce more and bigger fat cells in the buttocks. By doing so, it increases the size of your derriere on a cellular level.

Another ingredient that EnvyCurve contains is Macademia Oil. It makes the skin smooth and nourished!



When it comes to enhancing your curves, the best way to go is natural! There’s nothing better and healthier than going with all natural products. Vagifirm and EnvyCurve are the best ways to enhance your buttocks.